2 Pictures Of Each Available Pup Or Adult....

Female ....siblings 1-6-23
Female tricolor 11-28-22
Cream male 7-19-22
Male tricolor 11-23-22
Male fluffy black/tan 7-19-22
Female fawn merle 5-8-22
Female blue tri 8-7-22 super small
Female blue tri 8-7-22 smaller sisters
Male blue/white 8-16-22
Female fluffy fawn 4-17-22
Male chocolate Merle maskless 3-24-22
Female chocolate Merle 8-28-21
Male brindle fluffy so of DRIP 7-19-22
Female cream Merle 4-4-22
Female adult chocolate cream pied ..2.5yr

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Older Listings

All frenchies available now merles, lilac, sable, chocolate/ tan DOB 4-4-22 and 3-24-22